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Translational cell biology





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Trombetta A, Togliatto G, Rosso A, Dentelli P, Olgasi C, Cotogni P, Brizzi MF. (2013) Increase of palmitic acid concentration impairs endothelial progenitor cell and bone marrow-derived progenitor cell bioavailability: role of the STAT5/PPARgamma transcriptional complex. Diabetes 62(4) 1245-57 [DOI  PMID]

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Togliatto G, Trombetta A, Dentelli P, Rosso A, Brizzi MF. (2011) MIR221/MIR222-driven post-transcriptional regulation of P27KIP1 and P57KIP2 is crucial for high-glucose- and AGE-mediated vascular cell damage. Diabetologia 54(7) 1930-40 [DOI  PMID]

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