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of Endocrinology, radiobiology and oncological endocrinology





The Laboratory results from the union of the former Laboratories of Endocrinology and Radiobiology & Oncological Endocrinology. Both basic and translational researches concerning endocrine and hormone-dependent tumors are performed. The laboratory is experienced in studying sex steroids, their receptors and carrier proteins (SHBG, CBG). Specific fields of research are: use of high-energy shock waves in the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells; sonodynamic targeted therapy with high-energy shock waves for the treatment of endocrine neoplasia (Prof. Roberto Frairia); pituitary, thyroid, adrenal (also clinical research), and neuroendocrine tumors (Prof. Emanuela Arvat); steroid carrier proteins and their receptors in hormone-dependent tumors (Prof. Roberto Frairia and Prof. Emanuela Arvat).


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